I, Daniel Blake (2017)

  Release Date: Jan 06, 2017
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  Runtime: 100 min
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The movie is about Daniel Blake and his fight for survival. It begins when he suffers a heart attack at work and his cardiologist tells him that his has an unstable heart and advises him not to continue his work as a carpenter. When he applies for an allowance called Employment and Sickness allowance, he fails to get it because the test carried out deems him capable of working. None of the authorities bother to check with his cardiologist and as a result, Daniel loses his allowance. The authorities advise him to apply for a Jobseekers allowance and ask him to look for work. He tries to file a petition against this but is distraught as it has to be filed online and he has never used a computer before in his life. He meets Katie and her two children who also have become victims of the economy. They try to deal with their overwhelming problems. Overcome with rage, Daniel paints graffiti on a wall demanding an appeal before he starves. On the day of his appeal, due to the overwhelming weakness and stress, he finally succumbs and dies before the appeal can take place.

I, Daniel Blake (2017), 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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